Morrissey: ‘Low in High School’ – Album review

The name ‘Morrissey’ holds various connotations: the vegetarian, the pessimist, the frontman of one of the most influential Manchester bands of our time. A man of many words, many opinions and much melancholia. With much anticipation, the release of Morrissey’s eleventh solo studio album ‘Low in High School’ held great expectations for former fans of The Smiths, though many were left unjustified.

‘Spent the Day in Bed’ was the first track released from the album, and a disappointing first release it was. With poor lyrical form presenting a challenge to engage metaphorically, the only thing that saved ‘Spent the Day in Bed’ from ruining the whole album before it was released was a catchy chorus that represents our corrupted media today. The next single released was ‘Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage’, where not even a catchy chorus could save the dull and tedious track.

‘Low in High School’ lacks the emotion and romanticism Morrissey is known for, and replaces these unique and beautiful traits with raw carelessness. The inability to connect with the listener is rather astonishing for someone who gave a generation of awkward outcasts a place to feel safe and not alone through his music. Morrissey has taken his opinionated and melancholic attitudes and image to a whole new level, leaving behind his controversial truths that gave young people a voice and replacing it with a futile, empty sound that leaves no impact whatsoever.

Morrissey’s days of complex metaphors and melancholic lyrics combined with springy, tuneful melodies seem to be over, which signifies an end to the era of the anarchic poet that touched so many individuals who found their place in the world through Morrissey himself. Who knows what kind of Morrissey will be next? But I doubt it could be any more disappointing than this one.


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