NUS – Meet your delegates

by Megan Thomas

The National and Welsh NUS elections are coming up and the results are in for who is going to represent Swansea University. The National Union of Students is made up of over 600 participating students unions, including ours! They hold a policy conferences to ensure that they keep up-to-date with the needs of students across the country. It’s not only national, they also hold regional conferences for which delegates are also elected to. Here are the people giving up their Easter holiday to represent us all in Glasgow!

Ulysses Jones
Coming in first we have Ulysses Jones! After a clever winning strategy of social media and memes the ex-Waterfront Deputy Editor and current host of Xtreme radio show Whistlestop Tour of Culture shall be representing us in the National conference in Glasgow. Ulysses promises to focus on student participation and use his experience campaigning in last years Societies and Services Officer election to deliver results for the students of Swansea University.

Chizi Phiri
Next up we have our Students’ Union’s very own President! Running alongside Chris Freestone, Shona Johnson, Fardowsa Ali and Joe Davern under ‘Delegates for Diversity’ Chizi will be joining the rest of the successful candidates in Glasgow. Chizi has promised to focus on issues affecting students mental wellbeing. She has pledged to fight for more support for victims of sexual harassment and abuse; support for issues around student mental health; support for women in leadership and lowering costs of living for working class students.

Ross McKendrick
Previously the Chair of the Marxist society for 2014/15 and 2015/16, Ross ran with Rosie Summers and Lewis Griffiths as the left wing opposition. Ross has promised to fight for free education, for more democratic elections over the processes in Universities and to call for a student strike against high rents and poor quality housing.

Chris Freestone
Our current Societies and Services officer also ran under the ‘Delegates for Diversity’ campaign. Freestone has promised to promote an environmentally friendly Students Union, more support for parents of students, to fix the problems with student accommodation and most importantly, the make the price of pints cheaper!

Fardowsa Ali
Then last but not least, Fardowsa Ali. You probably recognise Fardowsa as our BME (Black and Ethnic Minorities) Officer! Also running under ‘Delegates for Diversity’, Fardowsa has pledged to support her fellow delegates and students while at Glasgow!

Now for the election the the Welsh conference in Cardiff!

Ulysses Jones, Chizi Phiri and Fardowsa Ali will also be representing you in Cardiff, but joined by the brilliant Shona Johnson!

Shona is the current Welfare Officer for Swansea Students Union and also ran with ‘Delegates for Diversity’. She pledges to support her fellow delegates and help ensure that you get all you can out of your Students Union. As Welfare Officer, her history of running campaigns with Fardowsa and Chizi proves that this is going to be a fantastic team!

Congratulations to everyone who got a delegate spot, all of us at Waterfront wish you the best of luck!



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