Swansea University’s Triathlon Club

by Fin Hardie

Triathlon may not spring to mind as the easiest club to get involved in for a beginner, but this idea is a myth and could not be further from the truth. All that is required is that you attend a single training session or social, and I can guarantee you will be hooked. There is a reason it has rapidly grown as a club year on year, everyone gets on
with everyone.

Why you should get involved
The core value of the club is that anyone, no matter what ability or equipment, can get involved. In fact, the club is so memorable that we still have several ex-members who are no longer students that come back to join in with the antics and events, probably time to give it up and get a career now guys.

A huge draw of our University, that is too often underutilised by its students is the Gower Peninsula. The Triathlon Club offers a unique opportunity to experience the Gower by bike and organised sea swims. The Gower contains a few of the highest rated beaches in the UK. Rhossili Bay, a relatively easy cycle’s distance from Swansea, was voted the best beach in the UK and one of the top 10 beaches in the world in 2014 by TripAdvisor. Get involved with the club even if it is just for the opportunity to regularly check out these stunning beaches as a break from work.

Antics: the social side
You probably think triathletes are unlikely to be able to handle their drink. Well, you would be correct in thinking this in many cases. With regular socials every Wednesday, the club becomes a tightly-knit community. Whilst drinking is strongly recommended, it is not enforced at socials. A lot of the time on nights out you can find us dancing on the pole in Yates, don’t be afraid to join in. With frequent house parties to compliment the nights out, Triathlon is not a club lacking socially. Events include the formal annual Christmas dinner in Yates where dresses, suits and ties are vital, and the training weekend to Abersoch in October. Other club meals follow, while there are regular sea swims, beach BBQ’s and day trips.

Competing in events
Competing is recommended for all, but as the age old saying goes, it’s the taking part that counts. The experience and atmosphere of the events alone make them worth entering, with the inter-university events resulting in masses of screaming fans backing their teams, with ours of course being the loudest. Events include the BUCS duathlon, Varsity triathlon, BUCS sprint triathlon, BUCS standard triathlon and finally the Swansea triathlon.
Triathlon does it all. The club has gone from strength to strength through the years for a reason. Check out the club’s Instagram page for more heroics: @swanstriathlon.


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