by Tia Williams

This term, Xtreme Radio is proud to present our featured presenter reviews. Each week, a new presenter will show their music taste through an album review and a featured artist article. This week, Tia reviews Brockhampton’s Saturation III.

BROCKHAMPTON are a millennials’ fantasy. These group of young Americans made their passion project a reality when they bought a house together in LA and began working full time on their mixtape All-American Trash. After a featured show with VICELAND and a trilogy of albums the self-proclaimed boyband have ended it with SATURATION III. Their final album demonstrates an unparalleled understanding for each other’s talents making it a cohesive hip hop album.

BOOGIE is the opening track with whirring police sirens and screaming saxophones that trigger some kind of adrenaline kick when you listen to it. Kevin Abstract reflects on his decisions but is unapologetic, loud and fun. The chemistry between all the artists is astounding, with smooth transitions between each rapper and track throughout the album.

Songs range from chill hip hop vibes littered with great hooks such RENTAL to sweet tuned melodies on HOTTIE to avant-garde speaking tracks called CINEMA which if I spoke Spanish I might have a better appreciation for. Closed in rooms and temporary spaces such as hotels make the backdrop for a lot of their stories, (listen out for Ameer Van and Matt Champion) as well the standard sex, drugs and rock & roll however they’re reflective, moving past issues not only as people but as a collective.

It’s a polished album and the perfect project to end on. It’s a relatable listen and makes a strong recommendation of anyone who’s a fan of Tyler, the Creator, Childish Gambino or just decent music in general.


Tia Williams is a first year in Medical Engineering, and presents a show on Xtreme between 2 and 4 on a Tuesday afternoon.


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