A Band That Shouldn’t Be Absent From Your Spotify Playlists… 

A Band That Shouldn’t Be Absent From Your Spotify Playlists… 

By Sophie Apps

Screaming from the streets of Cardiff since 2015, upcoming Alternative Rock band Holding  Absence are a mixtape of Fall Out Boy, Kasabian and The Killers, every emo rock teens dream compressed into one. With Lucas Woodland on lead vocals, Scott Carey on guitar, James Joseph on bass and Ashley Green on drums, this Welsh quartet is one to book concert tickets for. On sale from the 30th October, tickets welcome fans to accompany Holding Absence on their UK 2021 tour in celebration of their new album The Greatest Mistake of My Life out on the 16th April that year. Kicking off in October in their hometown Cardiff and ending spectacularly at London’s Electric Ball in November. From a collection of singles in 2017, a split EP with Loathe in 2018 and a debut record, Holding Absence in 2019, the band are already mastering the music scene. As a sneak peek into their new album, Holding  Absence have recently rewarded fans with three songs, which include “Beyond Belief”, “Gravity” and “Birdcage”. 

Through these tracks, the group has set a musical precedent of brilliance. Holding Absence brim their music with charged vocals, beats to bounce along to and an energy that could make the crowd at Reading go hysteric. They are undoubtedly the band to start or end a festival with. I can taste the teen angst in their songs; the door slam of the misunderstood; the black painted fingertips. Gravity is pulling me literally closer to Holding Absence’s music; it’s a coil that wraps around my musically craving fingers. In summary of the band’s words, this album tells “stories”, includes songs that celebrate life laced with death and “the choices we make about how we live our lives” – which I cannot wait to listen to. The album (so far) is an uncovering of things left unspoken; a declaration that emotions do not just fall into love and sadness and anger and pain – we feel more than this, and we aren’t stuck in these either. In  their music, Holding Absence breaks down barriers of being human; beautifully capturing  anything and everything. If there’s one thing more to say, don’t hold back on listening to their  music, and book tickets!



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