Paris in photos

By: Emily Maybanks

From 15th until 18th February 2018, I was on the Paris trip, run by the Travel Shop and the Students’ Union. It was an amazing weekend, and I managed to tick two things off my list of ‘life goals’! Enjoy a selection of my photos from the weekend!

Upon arrival in Paris, it was straight to the famous Eiffel Tower!
Waterfront’s Deputy Editor/Creative Writing Editor, and Waterfront’s new Study Abroad Editor up the Eiffel Tower!
View from the very top of the Eiffel Tower – the first ‘life goal’ of the week-end ticked off. It was incredible to be at the very top on a good day in terms of weather too!
The Arc de Triomph at sunset!
Saturday morning involved a bookshop – Shakespeare & Company. I adore bookshops so I honestly thought I had walked into heaven!
Aggie – the adorable Shakespeare & Company cat!
In this bookshop, they had typewriters on desks – here is me sitting with a typewriter (you can’t see my face but there is a huge, excited grin there!)
Notre Dame… Shakespeare & Company is just around the corner from this famous Paris sight.
Bronwen and I standing outside a macron shop looking very happy with our purchase of tasty macrons.
The Louvre in the sun.
Another ‘life goal’ ticked off – seeing the Eiffel Tower at night! The picture here really doesn’t do it justice because it was a magnificent, breathtaking sight.
Every time I travel somewhere, I buy a ridiculous amount of postcards. This was one which I bought in Paris and it has quite a vintage look to it!
Another postcard – featuring a landscape view of the Eiffel Tower.

The whole week-end was fantastic and some unforgettable memories were made. A huge thank you to the Travel Shop, and to Swansea University Students’ Union’s President Chizi and Societies and Services Officer Chris, for being brilliant escorts on the Paris trip too!


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