Save, save, save – Our planet needs your help!

by Kareemah Malik

Our planet is in danger and it is down to us to do what we can to save it. Living sustainably not only helps the environment – it will help you save money and live healthier. A win-win situation! There are easy ways to change your everyday habits. Why not give some of these a try?

Avoid using plastic cutlery and straws (use wooden or metal ones alternatively).
Replace cling film/foil with beeswax wraps or containers.
Use less plastic by carrying around long-lasting reusable bags for your shopping.
Use flasks or reusable coffee cups: Hoffi Coffi and Callaghan’s Coffee shop will even discount your coffee when you use a reusable cup.
Use cloths instead of kitchen roll.

Beauty products
Replace cotton wool and make-up wipes for muslin cloths or reusable makeup pads (just pop them in the wash to clean them).
Consider making your own body products. I recently made a body scrub out of salt, sugar, coconut oil and ginger. My skin felt soft afterwards and it saved me money! If not, Lush has a fantastic range of environmentally-friendly products.
Microbeads are currently banned in the U.K. as they harm aquatic life. A helpful, natural alternative to this is to use rice and salt.
Use natural sea sponges rather than synthetic ones.

Turn the brightness down on your phone and laptop (as this will help save battery life and thus, electricity. Also, looking at a bright screen in the dark can cause eye strain and damage).

Fill the laundry machine (but don’t overfill). You can do this by sharing laundry loads with your house/flat mates.

Switch off devices at the wall rather than leaving them on standby.
Turn off lights when not in use.

Use plants rather than air fresheners; this improves air quality and neutralises odours.
Opt to receive paperless letters and statements.

Reuse gift bags.

Use handkerchiefs, rather than tissue, for personal hygiene uses.

Shop at charity shops (where you can find unique items for good prices!), and donate your old/unused belongings to charity.


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