Under Milk Wood

As March is the month of St. David’s day, the patron Saint of Wales, it would be apt to acknowledge that Wales is a unique place. Coming from an English background, as I’m sure many of you have, highlights this individuality even more. Its people, places, language and enduring fixation with the rugby are just some of the reasons Wales is so special.

This individuality is captured perfectly in 2015’s Under Milk Wood. Based on Dylan Thomas’ famous story, the film stars Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spiderman) as Captain Cat, a blind sea captain who narrates over the lives and dreams of the people who live in the small fictional town of Llareggub. The film starts with a monologue as the camera sweeps over beautiful Welsh scenery before showing scenes of the people’s dreams that, rightly so, are lucid. The film overall is an amusing look at life in a small village, from the gossip that is spitefully shared amongst the villagers to the more tender moments of togetherness and community. Under Milk Wood also touches on more hard-hitting elements of life for some villagers. This film is funny in parts – even the name of the village is a joke (say it backwards) – and emotional in others as we realise why Polly Garter takes so many lovers.

Under Milk Wood is a great representation of Wales by its most famous writer. Also, it wouldn’t be in true Swansea spirit if we didn’t plug Dylan Thomas.


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