EP Review – No Sense Of Groove

by Dare Balogun

Reviewing electronic music at time can be very difficult sometimes. Its not like I’m reviewing a band and I can talk about how the lead singer had smooth soft vocals, or how the drummer tore it up and set the tempo for the whole track. With electronic music, I find that a lot of people don’t understand when I say things such as “you can really hear how Jeff went to town on that 808”, or “the Korg M1 house piano lays hefty chords”. With that being said, I’m going to try to make this review sound as normal, and basic as possible, avoiding all the DJ terminology and just sharing a great EP from the Waxtefacts Label

I’ve been a big fan of thelabel ever since Librarian dropped Bronx Keys on their first ever release back in February 2016. House music has always been one of my favourite genres, growing up listening to Rick Wade, Erick Kupper, St. Germain etc, but at the same time I’ve always had a small thing for jazz, thanking my Dad for that, so Coltrane, Miles Davis, Hugh Masekela, Charlie Parker influenced the music I listen to now, so anytime I hear Jazz House, I get super excited, so Bronx Keys was everything I wanted from a song and more, and since hearing I’ve closely followed Waxtefacts, and have never been disappointed with any of their releases.

Their latest release came out two days before my birthday, and what a gift it was. It’s called ‘No Sense of Groove’, and features Librarian and Real J collaborating on the title track, and it’s a beauty. No frills, no dressing up. Just straight electronica, four on the floor beat to bop your head to. Tommy Kaira keeps the vibe going with ‘97’, with another straight house song with feel good energy to get any head nodding. It’s a simple song, but carries so much emotion and melancholy, it’s definitely one for the collection, and should be played on a sunny Sunday morning, while you’re sitting on your deck chair in garden, nursing a hot cup of joe and thinking how good life can really be.

The B side is more of an up-tempo affair, with Interstate demonstrating his classic lo-fi sound with ‘Suspicious States’ , with all the ingredients required to make a lo-fi banger, a real crowd warmer, sounds almost like a muffled warehouse rave, when you’re stuck outside having a cig but you can still hear the splendor going on inside. Strip Steve finishes the record off a spectacular high note with “Close 2 None”, reminiscent of breakbeats, synthy-paddy goodness that shifts you from head nodding to aggressively moving your body while those hats slap you in the face. The whole EP is a delicious listen from start to finish and I could not recommend it more, especially if you’re thinking of delving into lo-fi house, it’s a great little showcase and classic Waxtefacts gold, definitely one for any vinyl heads.


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