How to wear your Varsity shirt

by Gwen Miles

It’s an iconic element of the Welsh Varsity, it’s included in the £28.50 package, it’s a symbol of solidarity and support, and it’s also hugely unflattering: that’s right, the bright green GWA T-Shirt.

Every year, we wake up on a Wednesday morning in April, and don our varsity shirts as the pre-drinks kick off. The sizes may be dodgy, and the colour is questionable, but I say this is an opportunity to show off your creativity. Here are some tips on how to customise and coordinate your top for the big day:

When it comes to clothing, finding the perfect fit is a hard task at the best of times. If you’re one of the last to collect your Varsity package, there’s a chance the range of t-shirts may be limited. If you’re stuck with a bad fit, try rolling the sleeves up, or cutting it into a crop top. On the other hand, if the top is a bit small, wear an oversized flannel shirt or jacket over it, to mask the problem.

In my time at Swansea, I’ve seen some really creative customisations that transform the generic, boxy T-Shirt into a unique statement. Most alterations don’t require a great deal of skill either: with only a pair of scissors you could change the neckline, trim the sleeves, or add some patterned cut-outs. More adventurous techniques might include tie-dye or sewing.

Of course, the whole look depends on how you complete your outfit. We’re hoping for good weather, which normally means shorts – personally, I think the best colours to complement the top are dark denim or white. You’ll probably find yourself being attacked with face paint and glitter at some point – accept it. Make sure to bring a secure bag to keep your essentials safe: a bumbag or backpack will leave your hands free for cheering on the teams. Finish the look with a cap and sunglasses in the hope that the sun comes out. It’s the biggest event of the year for some, so relax, enjoy yourself and go with it, embracing whatever accessory is thrown at you, be it a lei or a raincoat.



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