Interview: Rejjie Snow

by Will Barnston

That is until now. In a rare occurrence, 24-year-old Irish rapper, Rejjie Snow. The catalyst to his career was his 2013 ‘Rejovich’ EP, which featured a guest spot by recent Brit Award winner Loyle Carner. Since then, Rejjie has produced an array of career building singles, including an appearance from Joey Bada$$ last year on his ‘PURPLE TUESDAY’ single.

As much of a fan I am of Rejjie Snow’s older music, ‘Dear Annie’ is a step in the right direction for him as an artist. Overall, the debut album is around 60-minutes, and it’s so good that I could listen to another 60-minutes of it. Rejjie’s music channels his main influences, closely compared to Tyler the Creator and N.E.R.D due to his dark, baritone-voice adopting a hybrid of hip-hop/skate-punk aesthetic. In other words, it’s just a wonderfully different breath of fresh air on the exhausted, mainstream R&B/Hip-hop genre.

‘Dear Annie’ is a treat for anyone that really appreciates a different style of music. It’s extremely hard to pinpoint what genre this album actually is, which makes it a whole lot more interesting to listen to. The album is very split with emotion. One moment, I’m feeling elevated listening to the upbeat 80s-like vibes of LMFAO, Mon Amour, Spaceships and Egyptian Luvr, then I’m feeling sadness over failed romances in The Rain, 23, Oh No! and Greatness which is unheard of in a world of mumbled rap and hip-hop. He rhymes over jazz beats accompanied with 80s soul jams and an electric piano (with no autotune in sight).

Personally, I think this album will be the break that Rejjie Snow needed. I cannot compare him with any other artist as he essentially has his own genre. If you’re looking for someone new to listen to, especially in the current exhausted music scene, I can’t recommend Rejjie Snow’s ‘Dear Annie’ enough. He will take you on a trip, making you experience memories with him as if you were there.

I fortunately managed to get a phone interview with Rejjie before his show in Bristol on the 9th March.

What do you think about the positive feedback you’ve been getting about your debut album ‘Dear Annie’?

It’s really reassuring, quite overwhelming and a lot more than I expected. I’m really grateful for the response, and shocked that people are actually listening to the music, it’s a really good feeling.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is ’23’… So out of all the 20 songs you’ve made, which ones are you most proud of?

That one too, 23 as well. I was trying to make something sound like it happened naturally, and the end product I was just really happy with.

You recorded the album in a few places, like LA, London and Paris, but where was the place you felt you were most inspired in producing and writing this album?

Ummm… I really enjoyed working in Paris. Yeah, there’s a really good grind out there. I think that city is the true destination of love.

So you grew up in Dublin’s Northside, which apparently had no music scene at all. Was this an issue in starting your career in music or did it inspire you more?

It inspired me more just to make something out of myself. It definitely inspired me for the most parts, but obviously there were ups and downs with that. There were times where I didn’t really want to face that but it did make me want to do something different, and make the kind of music I’m interested in.

Your tour starts tonight in Bristol (9th March), how are you feeling going in to your tour? Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

I do get nervous for the most parts… I think the more I think about it, the more nervous I get, but as long as there’s people out there just proper having a good night, I’ll end up having a good night.

Lastly, Rejjie, you’ve obviously collaborated with big names, like Loyle Carner and Joey Bada$$ in the past, but who is on your collab wish list?

Andre 3000 without a doubt. Imagine…


Artist: Rejjie Snow
Album: Dear Annie
Rating: 9/10


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