SOLO TRAVEL: It isn’t as scary as you think!

by Meryl Hanmer

Whilst I understand the desire to share treasured moments abroad with friends, there is an equally compelling case why solo travel makes the acquisition of precious memories even more special. Travelling alone is now easier and safer than ever, due to the interest in this sector skyrocketing; the travel industry now heavily caters to the needs of the solo traveller. Solo Travel offers a level of self-empowerment, destination inspiration and personal independence that travelling in a group never could.Throughout my travelling career, I have journeyed across the continent in groups of varying size, ranging from two to more than twenty, and whilst I adored the opportunity to spend time with friends in new places, solo travel is still my absolute favourite way to experience somewhere new.

It makes planning simpler
I hear so many stories of arguments amongst groups of friends arising from the complications of organising when and where to travel. But when organising a trip for yourself, if you have dates that suit you perfectly to go somewhere, that is when you go, if there is a place that you want to go to, that is where you go!

You become the master of your itinerary
Most often you get only one chance to go travelling to lots of places and therefore it is imperative that you have the chance to do everything that you want to. When travelling in a group, you need to make compromises because it’s unlikely that everyone will want to do the same activities all the time. However, when you’re on your own, you make all the decisions!

It’s easier to meet people
As a solo traveller, you often find yourself becoming more open and approachable when it comes to interacting with new people. It is too easy in a group to ignore all other people around and become blind to prospective new friends who hold the potential to make your trip even more fun and interesting.

You become more immersed in the destination
When travelling in a group it is all too easy to become overly engrossed in group antics or dramas and become oblivious to what goes on around. On your own you have nothing to distract you from the goings on of the place that surrounds you.

Providing you stay smart and avoid making silly decisions, there is no reason why travelling alone should be any less safe than travelling in a group. Through my solo journeys, I have formed the most amazing friendships and forged forever precious memories. Despite being an understandably daunting prospect, solo travel is certainly worth the challenge.



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