Varsity breakdown

The Cup

Historically, Swansea have come out on top when it comes to the Welsh Varsity Cup match. Winning 13, losing 7 and drawing once. With many of their players going on to join semi professional and professional clubs as a result of their performances in the Welsh Varsity. Previous Varsity alumni include Alun Wyn Jones who played for Swansea in 2007, and as you all know, captains the Wales squad…only the best study in Swansea! Here’s a rundown of the past Varsitys.

The Shield

The Elephant in the room
It wouldn’t be Varsity without some healthy competition, but 2017’s Varsity saw some drama to say the least, the Welsh Varsity released this statement;

“Following an investigation, it has been discovered that a number of ineligible players were fielded by a Cardiff University team in one of the Varsity Shield competitions. Whilst there is no suggestion that a competitive advantage was being sought, this is not permitted and as a result, the competition has been declared void. This means that Swansea University win the Varsity Shield for the first time in their history with a result of 20-19.”

Naturally, us here at Swansea were delighted by this news. Possibly more delighted with the ‘scandal’ itself rather than the actual win. Many memes were created thanks to genius. And I’m sure this little mishap will never be mentioned again, and maybe that’s a lie. All in the name of fun of course. But this year, we’re looking to keep the shield here in Swansea, with teams training harder than they ever have in preparation for Varsity. Swansea are hoping for another Shield win, fair and square.



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