Your guide to Students’ Union services

The SU are a huge part of life at Swansea Uni. They bring the best events to the city like Summer Ball and the Sink nights in Sin and also run loads of important campaigns like LGBT History Month and run the Advice & Support Centre. On Bay Campus you’ll find them next to the laundrette on the road that the Bus passes (look out for the Union ‘U’ outside). On Singleton, you’ll find them in Faraday but their new reception is at the front of Fulton House and is called Union Central.

Here’s what else you can thank the SU for:

Rebound – We’re excited for this one. Rebound is a whole new place to hang out before, during and after lectures. It’s what used to be called ‘Divas’ – where Tooters is every Friday. The SU have completely renovated the place & it now houses loads of ping-pong and pool tables, has a bar open all day and sells cheap & delicious grub. We’ll definitely be hitting this place on our lunch breaks. Find it on the 1st floor of Union House.

JC’s is our on-campus bar for Singleton campus. Located on the 2nd floor of Fulton House, it’s your classic student bar selling loads of different beers, ciders and spirits. They also sell incredible nachos and other tasty bar snacks. You can hit them up for the cheapest coffee on campus too.

JCs’ bar on Singleton campus

Tafarn Tawe is the Bay Campus bar for students. It sells drinks and food at student friendly prices (yay!). Hit them up throughout the week after lecture and you’ll catch their awesome weekly sessions, including open mic and quiz nights and Sky sports live on the big screen.

Costcutter is Singleton’s on-campus supermarket and stocks a variety of products from stationery to freshly baked pastries. Costcutter is also the new home of the Post-Office so you can even send back your ASOS orders while you’re picking up your lunch. 

Fulton Outfitters, opposite Costcutter, is home to Swansea Uni merchandise and a range of Fair Trade clothing and cute stationery. 

Root is the on-campus specialist food store where you can choose from different health foods and alternative products. It stocks a range of products to suit different dietary requirements like gluten or dairy free. So next time you’re on Singleton campus and looking for a feel-good snack or meal – head to Root!

The Advice and Support Centre is run by the Students’ Union, independently from the University. With appointments available on both campuses, head here with any of your problems. Their trained advisors can help with a range of issues including; money, housing, academic and health and wellbeing. Ground Floor of Fulton House (behind Costcutter) and in the Bay Campus SU building.

The Nursery on Singleton Campus and offers affordable childcare to students and staff at Swansea University. Not all students will need to use the Nursery but for those that do, it’s flexible childcare options make it the perfect place for your child – winner.


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