A Fresher’s guide to Wind St: Four clubs, four different vibes

Starting off your university adventure is full of daunting experiences. A new place, meeting new people, it can all be quite scary. But we all know the one worry that sits on every fresher’s mind; where in the world can I f ind somewhere that I like to drink and boogie? Well, my dear chaps and chapettes, worry no longer. Let me take you on a spiritual journey into four popular, but vastly different, Swansea clubs on a Wind Street Wednesday.


Let’s get the classics out of the way. For all of your cheesy pop song needs and general great atmosphere, look no further than Idols. This is the starting place for many a fresher on their first Wind Street Wednesdays. Entry is cheap, as are the drinks, and the weekly plays of Mr Brightside and Bohemian Rhapsody are sure to guarantee you a pretty good time. You’ll probably never have the best night of your life in Idols, but at least you’ll never have a boring one.

Rap? RnB?

On the topic of Idols, the upstairs room isn’t that bad for a generous helping of RnB, Rap and Grime. There is also a room in Fiction just down the road that is very similar. However, the club that loves its mixture of popular and more obscure RnB, Rap and Grime is undoubtedly Peppermint. A great choice for those looking to skank or wine, you won’t be disappointed. Beating the bartender at rock, paper, scissors for a free drink is also where most people’s lives peak.


This really isn’t a competition for me if I’m honest. Jack Murphy’s wins every time. There might be some technicality police reading this, bemoaning my list of clubs including a bar, but Jack’s really is just that good. Everything about this bar is different from the typical club on Wind Street, right down to the variety of £1 bombs that they offer at the bar. There’s also karaoke on Tuesdays for you budding pop stars.


I feel like Fiction hasn’t had enough representation on this list, so we’ll put the clubbing goliath down here. Fiction’s bottom floor does a great job with consistent house tunes.

Please be warned, this is by no means an exhaustive list, however, freshers, you won’t find better starting points! Now get out there and enjoy your Wednesday nights!

By Joshua O’Mahoney


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