An introduction to sport at Swansea University

Welcome, Freshers, to the fast-paced, high-energy bubble that is Freshers Week! With so many new opportunities coming your way, be sure to check out all of the sports clubs the University has to offer.

Whether you fancy giving rugby a ‘try’ or taking a ‘shot’ at rifle shooting, there is a sport for everyone at the university. In fact, there are over 50 clubs at the University! To sign up, be sure to visit the Freshers Fayre on the 24th September on Bay Campus, and the 26th September on Singleton Campus. If you miss these dates, don’t hesitate to contact the club via social media to express your interest and sign up.

The university offers many different levels of sporting performance, too. With many clubs, such as Hockey and Rugby, there are high performance teams as well as development teams for beginners. Whether you have played sport for years and are looking for a new challenge, or completely new to sport, there are opportunities available to everyone.
Joining a sport during your time at university brings many benefits, such as making new friends, keeping fit, and learning new skills. Furthermore, joining a sport provides the opportunity to excel in something new.

Last year was an incredibly successful year for sport at Swansea. Taekwondo won an incredible thirteen medals from the National Championships, as well as winning their league! Rugby League were undefeated all season, and Women’s Rugby 1st team gained promotion in to the Premier South League on top of winning the BUCS cup. Tennis looks to continue an incredibly successful season, with the Women’s 1st team having won the Western 1A League undefeated.

We are proud to have such incredible athletes at Swansea University, and hope this next year is as successful as the last. Make sure to keep up to date with all things sport by following The Waterfront.

For more information on the sports the university offer, and information on how to sign up, check out the Swansea University Students’ Union’s Website. You can also follow @SportSwans on Twitter.

By Jessica Hayden


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