SWITCH: Nintendo’s revival

After the disappointing reception of Nintendo’s Wii U, the Switch appears to have offered the manufacturer’s a new lease of life in an extremely competitive market. The Switch immediately captivates attention due to its hybrid nature, operating as both a home and handheld device, and as a result, the Nintendo Switch is established as a pioneering games console. The Switch comes in two variants of colour scheme; either in an ordinary grey, or alternatively, a jazzier neon red/blue.

The console offers several playing modes, including through the TV at home and a table-top option permitted through a kickstand, or simply as a handheld device. The console supports multiplayer capabilities as well as having wireless connectivity allowing you to play on both a local and global network. With the appearance of being a bulky tablet with two Joy-cons on either side, the Switch is far from traditional console. The Joy-Cons are easily able to slide in and out of the main unit, and, despite the thickness of the console itself, its elegance is by no means diminished thanks to its matte black finish. The Switch has a battery life of between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the game and its device settings.

However, the Switch isn’t as perfect as it initially appears. The screen of the Switch only has the capability of a 720p resolution, meaning that it cannot match the graphics of rivals. The Switch also doesn’t allow third-party apps such as Netflix, making the Switch purely a games console. In addition, the disadvantage of using the Switch in its tabletop mode is that you cannot charge and play due to the charging port being located on the underside of console.To enhance the gaming experience, you can purchase the Pro Controller, but it’s an expensive accessory and Joy-cons seem to be more than adequate for gaming.
Overall, it does feel that the Switch has revived Nintendo; not just because it has already sold more units than the Wii U ever did in its fleeting lifetime, but also because it’s created a new dimension in the gaming world whilst also proving that the hybrid format can be a success.

By Henry Burgess


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