Couples Costumes!

Halloween is a great time to dress up and have fun – celebrating with your partner can give you the opportunity to make and wear even more interesting costumes! From the classic Adam and Eve to channelling your favourite celebrity or TV couple, here are a few fab ideas I have come across to give you some inspiration!

The Classics

Firstly, the classics: Barbie and Ken, Mario and Luigi, and Scooby and Shaggy. These are classic pairings and are really easy costumes to find online. Also, what’s more Halloween-themed than Jack Skellington and Sally?!

©Livewires; ©Bustle; ©Freaked

TV Couples

TV couples are great as they are instantly recognisable and so much fun! Take an awkward photo in character as Sheldon and Amy, channel your inner criminal as Alex and Piper, or simply look killer as Daenerys and Khal Drogo.

©Popsugar; ©Stephanie Meryweather; ©Kristin DeWoskin

Comedy gold

Just want some pure comedy? Go for the Juno look, as this is guaranteed to get you some double takes. Or make a bold (but hilarious) comment on recent politics as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

©Comic Wisdom; ©Freaked

Kids entertainment

Kids TV and film is also full of great partnerships to pick from. Lilo and Stitch, and Kevin and Blue are my favourites as these looks are so adorable!


Drinks and snacks

If in doubt, choose food and drink. These outfits are funny and can easily be made at home – cardboard and sharpies are your friends! Plus, this screams uni life. You could make one good-looking Oreo!

So, whether you are pairing up with your partner or your bestie, there is guaranteed to be something to suit you and your budget!


By Katie Brewster




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