Travel Hacks: Fly like a pro

Despite being a frequent flyer myself, I’ve never enjoyed flying. I’ve always found it such a hassle, but because of flying so often (about two or three times a month) I’ve managed to find a few little tricks, that not only make flying that bit more bearable but also a little bit cheaper (who doesn’t love cheaper!!!!)

Prioritise …. Price or comfort?
I know a lot of airlines claim ‘you don’t need to compromise’ but I’m sorry to say that in the real world this isn’t true! So if you are someone who needs comfort then be prepared to pay for higher end airlines which offer comfier seats and extra legroom, but if you’re like me (a poor student) then a cheap price is always the priority.

Take time to search for your flights
Don’t jump at the first deal you see that only ‘looks like the best one’. Take time to compare different search engines, different airlines or different flying times/days.

Move around
Sitting still for several hours at a time is never good for your body so make sure to get up and move around at regular intervals. Or another top tip is to bring a tennis ball to roll under your feet, sounds a little strange but it is a great way to get circulation and have a foot massage!

Choose your seat wisely
Personally, I always sit in the aisle seat near the front so I can be the first off and don’t need to disturb anyone if I want to get up to walk around. However, I know other people love the views you get by sitting next to the window. Additionally, it’s rumoured that sitting near the wing means you get less turbulence.

Loose clothing
Although heels and skinny jeans might look good, it’s never comfy and if there’s one thing that flying demands from you, it is comfy and
loose fitting clothing!

Have ‘in-flight essentials’ prepared
Battery pack – download films on your phone and simply sit back and enjoy, with the comforting knowledge that battery isn’t an issue.

Cosmetics – no matter the length of the flight, flying always leaves you feeling gross, so at minimum have prepared some face wipes and mouthwash

Food & drinks – after passing security you can stock up on water, sandwiches etc in duty-free and although this isn’t always the cheapest, it is still cheaper and better quality than anything you can buy on board the flight!

by Meryl Hanmer



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