With so many worthy causes out there to support, why donate some of your hard-earned cash to Movember? Unlike women’s charities and fundraising events such as Race for Life and Coppa Feel, there are a very limited number of charities that focus on men’s health. Movember is the notable exception. Our mission is to raise money for research into testicular and prostate cancer as well as suicide prevention and the ongoing effort to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

In my past two years of living in South Wales I have seen the presence of the Movember Foundation grow year after year. Take, for example, the university rugby club’s annual charity game at St. Helen’s. It has been an inspiration to my campaign, showing the possibilities and generosity of the Swansea community when given the opportunity. However, like with many other foundations, there still remains some room for improvement.

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced that Movember is not just worth your money but your time too, you’re probably wondering how can you help change the face of men’s health.

Despite a focus on growing a tashe at this time of year, Movember is not just for men. Ladies –  you all have a father, a brother, a son or a friend who needs your help. MoSistas around the world have begun to fundraise and donate to the cause to save those they love from a premature death. Across the world, men die on average 6 years before women,  mainly due to preventable reasons. If fundraising isn’t quite your thing, then what’s arguably more important is the emotional support that you can provide. Be understanding and also there for men in need.

First and foremost, or us men, is to grow any kind of scruffy slug on your top lip if you can.  Stand in mustachioed solidarity with your fellow men for the month. Secondly, if growing isn’t for you, donate whatever you are able to as many MoBros as you can. Movember now runs its own research programs, meaning a large percentage of your donation will go directly to helping people. Thirdly, look after others by being a man of more words, ask a second or third question when “you alright?” clearly isn’t enough. Lastly, look after yourself. Regularly check your nuts for lumps and irregularities, as early detection makes testicular cancer far more likely to be treatable. A full guide can be found at However, it isn’t just your physical health that needs to be looked after. If you need to talk, then talk. Struggling with your mental health isn’t anything to be ashamed of or something to hide, but just an issue that millions of people like you are struggling with everyday. So I encourage you to talk.

For more information regarding what has been discussed above, tips on how to start your own fundraiser or to donate – please visit (or visit to donate to Swansea’s very own Movember student ambassador).

by Harry Bloodworth


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