Xtreme Radio’s 50th Birthday

I bet you are wondering what Xtreme Radio is and why you should care. Well, we’re Swansea University’s student radio station and this year we’re celebrating our 50th birthday, which makes us the oldest student-run radio station in Wales.

It all started in 1968 when a group of students launched Action Radio. We’ve changed a lot since then and undergone quite a few name changes. We were even called Shreek at one point, which was… interesting. Our other names include URA and C-air… Seriously, we’ve changed our name more times than Prince!

As you can see, the studios have changed a lot from the early days

So 50 years on what makes Xtreme Radio so great? Well, the thing that makes our station amazing is how well we’ve done, despite being one of the smallest stations around. In the last few years we’ve managed to pull off fantastic events like our annual Varsity coverage, making sure that even if you can’t make it to the big day you’ll be able to experience it. At this point I should give a big shout out to Xpress from Cardiff for working with us on this (though we are Welsh University of the Year). Every year we host a stage at the Summer Ball with our strong DJ network making the Junkyard Stage the wildest arena at the Ball (if you were there – you know).

As Station Manager, I think the best way to describe us is as a small station with big dreams. This year we have two huge events. The first being our 50th Anniversary celebration, where we’re bringing back members from the whole 50 years of student radio in Swansea to commemorate the event in style, and by style, we mean with a silent disco (Get it? It’s because you listen to the radio with headphones too).

Our second event is huge for us as we’re going to be hosting the Student Radio Conference in 2019 (read more about this over the page). This conference is probably the biggest thing that Xtreme has hosted and we want to put on the biggest and best conference ever to help put Swansea on the radio map.

If you want to get involved with the best student radio station in Swansea (we’re the only one so there isn’t much choice) feel free to drop me a message at  manager@xtremeradio.org and we can get you on the air tomorrow!

Hope to see you at our party on the 1st of December. We’ve got 50 years worth of celebrating to do.

Alex Evans
Station Manager Xtreme Radio

You can get your tickets to the event here.


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