Country at a Glance: Bali

Bali has recently become the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago, attracting tourists from around the world. Bali has activities to suit all types of holidaymakers, including exotic temples; amazing local cuisine; world-famous night spots and breathtaking beaches. The list of exciting activities is practically endless but the following are four of my favourite which show the immense diversity of the island

Kuta beach is not only a breathtaking sand beach but also plays host to the Sea Turtle Project which aims to protect sea turtles and increase their hatching rate. This project allows visitors to get involved and aid in the release of turtles during the hatching season (April to October). Every year people come to Kuta beach to help safely guide the newly hatched turtles into the ocean whilst also learning about their protection
and conservation.

The Mirror Lounge and Bar is one of seemingly unlimited choice of nightclubs and bars within Bali. This dynamic island plays host to some of the greatest clubs and international DJ’s. The Mirror stands out above the rest with its unique interior design which combines a Gothic cathedral and a futuristic rave, including lasers, trapeze artists, and an entire ceiling made of glass. It really is a party under the stars.

Tirta Empul meaning ‘holy water spring’ is a 960 AD temple complex and holy mountain spring in central Bali. Many devoted Hindus purify themselves here in a bathing ritual by dipping their head under water spouts located within two sacred pools. Tourists are also welcome.

One of the most unique food experiences you can experience is that of Kopi Luwak coffee. This is one of the most expensive and highly demanded coffees in the world but can be found almost everywhere across the island. This coffee is digested by an Asian palm civet (a small mammal in the Viverridae family that resembles a ferret) and the beans are picked from the civet’s excrement. There are many spots where you can not only taste the coffee but learn about the fascinating process.

by Amber Dennis


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