The Pizza Boyz

Pizza. It’s a food that brings us joy – encompassing a myriad cheesy, meaty and saucy goodness. Domino’s and Papa John’s are a safe bet but lack the unique character and authentic ingredients used by Swansea’s own new boys on the block: The Pizza Boyz.They perfectly encapsulate a real mix of flavour on every pizza they bake in their traditional oven. Delano and Ali have said that each of their recipes are based upon things a hungover person would put in a sandwich. With a classic Margherita always on the menu; their other creations include another veggie option known as The Truffle Shuffle, consisting of truffle oil, olives, mushrooms, rocket and a hefty helping of parmesan. Or, if you fancy something a little meatier, you’d be mad to not give their Stateside Swirl – which combines chicken, salami, ranch as well as hot sauce – a go. When they say they are inspired by hangover food, they really do mean it!

Delano and Ali channel their father’s Italian influence and use their Welsh business acumen from their mother to present passion in everything they do. Unfortunately, they lost their mum to cancer last year, but they keep her memory alive through their craft. Not only do they use local ingredients such as Italian tomatoes and Caputo flour to honour their family both at home and abroad; but The Pizza Boyz also donate a portion of their profits to Cancer Research in addition to sending funds to both the Swansea Community Farm, as well as the Cwmbwrla Day Centre. With every pizza you buy, know you are aiding great causes, but with the added bonus of getting a delicious, authentic pizza.

But don’t just take my word for it, these boys have made it to the finals of the 2nd Annual Welsh Italian Awards! They are in the running for being named ‘Best Newcomer’ and are in for the chance at picking up the title for having ‘Wales’ Best Pizza’. After only six months in the business, it’s an impressive feat that they have come so far in such little time.

The Pizza Boyz can be found regularly on Wednesdays from 6:30-10pm at The Optimist in Uplands, but to make sure you know of their whereabouts at all times, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under the same name.

by Jacob Fleming


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