Live Music at Swansea Uni

If you were asked to name live music events around Swansea, you’d probably struggle to think of any beyond the Summer Ball. However, live sessions and recordings are now more accessible than ever, with live music going beyond the odd music show that pops up on Wind Street once or twice each semester.

Rory Clark has spent the last year recording and producing covers and originals, available to stream for free on band camp. These recordings include the two-piece, Holy Home Video. Regulars of the open mic held at JC’s will undoubtedly recognise the harmonies of Cadi Rhind and Sam Baggott, who return again in their song ‘Snake Don’t Rattle’. They have a signature blend of vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar. These, combined with drums and the occasional flare of electric guitar, create a calm, soothing melody.

Bands are also a prominent sight in the University music scene. Enter Part Time Models, a five-piece band who “combine folk lyrics with funky solos and punchy drum beats for a unique mix of genres.” They boast a vast array of instruments beyond the standard drums, bass, and guitar you’d expect. The saxophone, in particular, makes a surprising yet welcome addition to their cover of ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal. The Man This rendition departs from the fast tempo and upbeat tone of its predecessor, as they transform the song “into a brooding atmospheric track with haunting vocals and shimmering guitars.” The group thanks Rory, as well as the Live Music Society, who have helped them to perform, hone and develop their musical talents.

Alpha-Zoo also counts itself among the plethora of musicians coming out of the University. Not only does the group own an extensive list of previous gigs – including the Bucket List, Sin City, and Summer Ball – they’ve also released a 3-track EP. These songs invoke the classic indie rock feel and provides an enjoyable, light and upbeat tone in comparison to their previous songs.

Whether you are looking for fast-paced songs to dance to, or simply smooth guitar to relax to, there will almost certainly be something that fits your musical needs. From Spotify to Band Camp, these musicians (and more) are available to listen to now, with live performances coming in the near future.

by Josh Dobbins


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