Reasons to study abroad in Germany

In recent years, Germany has become a popular destination for undergraduates choosing to move their studies abroad for a semester or two. According to statistics, there are over 357,000 international students pursuing their studies in this country. Here are a few reasons why Germany is the perfect place to undertake your studies abroad.

Financially speaking, Germany is one of the best possible choices you could make as an undergraduate. As of 2014, a decision was passed which stated that international students are exempt from paying the regular tuition fees normally expected. International students merely have to pay a few administrative costs such as the roughly €300 fee for transportation around your host city.

Germany also contains many of the top-ranking global universities, with as many as 45 of them being internationally renowned. The country offers a diverse and distinguished set of courses ranging from humanities and arts based subjects, to engineering and technological studies.

In relation to picking up a new language, German is one of the most beneficial ones to learn. According findings by sociolinguist Dr. Ulrich Ammon, German ranks as fourth worldwide popularity wise with non-native speakers who have learnt the language. Immersing yourself in the language through university courses targeted toward international students in combination with day to day living in the country could have immeasurable benefits for your future career.

The country also has highly reasonable living costs, being in accordance with the EU average in terms of clothing, food and additional expenses. This leaves more money for travel and exploration of neighbouring cities and countries in Europe with the ERASMUS program during your year abroad.

Speaking of travel, Germany is the ideal hub for exploration. Bordering nine different countries, there are plenty of opportunities to seek adventure, and plenty of time to get this done too, as Germany’s academic calendar contains a two month break from February to April – ideal for international students wanting some guilt free travel outside of class times.

Finally, what is promised if you choose to undertake a year abroad in Germany is that you will receive a rich cultural experience. From intimate cafes and bistros to its breathtaking architecture and landscapes, there is beauty in every turn. Famous for its intellectual history, with figureheads such as Kant, Beethoven, Heisenberg and Goethe, it is the land of poets and thinkers. In addition to this, Germans are known for their ability to throw a party with Oktoberfest and their ‘Karenvals’, there will be plenty to celebrate. Trust me, you won’t want to leave.

by Lauren Lewis


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