Why the World Loved ‘Spider-Man – Into The Spiderverse’ so much

For those of you who’ve yet to see this film, I’d highly recommend watching it before reading this. In fact, I’d recommend watching it regardless, since it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in the last few years. But, to avoid any concern, this article is spoiler-free. Without further ado, I am here to outline the plain and simple reasoning behind the love the world has for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Choosing which films make the cut for the ‘favourite film’ list takes a lot of effort. Breaking down the technical aspects of films, justifying our love for them while also appreciating the overall craftsmanship of the film? It’s a lot. But Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse reminds us what it was like to see a film and just utterly enjoy watching it. The heart, humour and skill behind this film made it so easy to forget our surroundings and become truly immersed – so much so that it quickly became one of my favourite films of all time. I can’t say definitively whether it’s the outstanding animation, genuine plot or enticing characters that result in making the entire film an enjoyable experience. But, I can confirm that it’s clearly a project that is loved immensely, by both the audience and the creators.

For anyone who loves movies, or had the misfortune of studying media, it can be difficult to shut your brain off during a film. Noticing things such as dialogue, clichés, and visuals can become a prominent part of the film experience. It’s hard to lose the self-awareness that you are watching a screen and investing your time into a film. Therefore, finding a film so well-developed that you can unknowingly shut down your brain and fully immerse yourself in the world is a rare thing.

The film inspires the nostalgic memory of being invested in an exhilaratingly heroic plot, offering an array of characters to relate to and laugh with. The passion poured into the film is echoed through its characters, and the attention to detail is outstandingly conveyed through the unique animation. The film offers something original yet comfortingly familiar to the audience, especially those willing to invest in it.

Therefore, as a polite reminder of why we all love films, cartoons and superheroes so much, Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse is worthy of all its critical accolades. The film is so well loved because it reminds the world of how easily we can invest in a cinematic experience while loving every moment of it.

by Alex O’Leary


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