Mac’s hats

Mac Demarco is undeniably a great artist. A multi-instrumentalist and producer whose 3 albums have been met with critical acclaim. Since the release of his first self-produced album in 2012, his profile has skyrocketed, becoming one of the best young alternative musicians gracing many a playlist on Spotify today. However, one key aspect of his appeal has been painfully overlooked by the mainstream media: His hats.

Let’s face it – we all love Mac Demarco– singer, song writer, and man of many hats. As fans of his music you would most likely be aware of his trademark style. The loose-fitting shirts and dungarees are a common sight, finding himself at the centre of inspiration to vans and checkered shirt wearing young stoners everywhere. The pioneer of “Jizz Jazz” has been able to cultivate his characteristic look over years, with his hats being a single constant.
The popularity of his look has garnered a strong cult following. A quick Google of Mac Demarco hats will reveal a plethora of subreddits, where many enquire over the availability and location of similarly styled headwear. Now known as the ‘dad hat’ it marks the crown piece of an ever-changing ensemble of baggy flannels and corduroy. His constantly evolving style almost perfectly chronicles the rise in the ‘indie-hipster’ look that is now commonplace.

He wears his clothes with an aura of confidence, knowing his clothes are (secretly) really great. He probably wears what he wants because he is comfortable and effortlessly looks cool. Not only has his influence and rise been a clear-cut causation, but his raised profile and subsequent influence has led to a clear increase in hats in the United States. Mac Demarco’s influence can be tracked not only by sales and streams, but also through the revenue of fashion labels. According to Statista, between 2012 – the release of the Rock and Roll Night Club LP – and 2017, sales of hats and Caps in the United States grew 23% to $7,062 million. This is surely a direct influence of the indie darling. Mac, we love your hats and your music, never change.

By Alex McDougall & Josh Dobbins


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