Making your Own Chocolate Easter Egg

Those of you with a sweet tooth will probably be looking for something special to sate your appetite this Easter, and what is a more perfect solution than a chocolate Easter egg? However, sometimes your average branded Easter egg seems far too costly for what you get and you might be looking for another option. With this in mind, let me suggest making your own this Easter! Treat it as a perfect opportunity to express your inner chocolatier.

Finding Easter egg moulds is straightforward. You can order them from any number of online retailers. The next step is choosing the right chocolate to use and deciding how much to use; I would recommend somewhere between 400g-600g depending on how thick you want your Easter egg to be. If you’re willing to spend a bit extra, I would recommend cooking chocolate over Cadbury’s. A cheaper alternative may also serve you well, as it is smoother when melted, making the process simple. Feel free to experiment with the different types of chocolate; I myself used milk chocolate for the large egg, and dark for the smaller ones. Of course, for those of you with allergies or are vegan, you can use non-dairy chocolate instead.

Starting with the large egg, break up your chocolate into chunks, as to make sure it melts well, and place into a microwaveable dish or bowl. You’ll want to heat the chocolate for a minute or so, stopping every thirty seconds to mix it. You can also sit a bowl, containing the chocolate, on top of a pan with boiling water inside. The heat created will melt the chocolate just as nicely. Next you will want to grab either a pastry brush or spoon and spread a thin and even layer of chocolate into the mould – too thick and it will slide. Place in a refrigerator to set and repeat by adding 3-4 more layers, letting each layer set before applying the next. With the smaller eggs, there is no need to layer them. You can go ahead and fill them each slot without layering. Once this is done, carefully remove the chocolate casts from their moulds and stick them together with some warm chocolate. With this, your very own Easter eggs is ready to be eaten!

What’s nice about making your own chocolate Easter egg, rather than buying brand ones, is that it’s quick, easy and affordable on a tight budget. An added benefit is that you can do this time and time again, with friends and family.

by Nathan Taylor-Kitching


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