Capturing A Snippet Of Varsity

Varsity was an exciting, eventful and energetic day for both competitors and spectators. It was a day of triumphs and losses with the upper hand being in Cardiff’s court, resulting in an overall score of 17-29 to our opposing side.

Throughout our victories and losses, the Swansea crowd were ever supportive, continuing in their many (and few) to scream and holler, showing their support until the very last try. I wish I could have seen every event of Varsity, but unfortunately, that wasn’t an option, and some Swansea spectators saw even fewer, with individual events being ticketed throughout the day. The sports I did witness, however, showed Swansea fight against Cardiff with everything they had; even with a replacement team in the men’s rugby, we never gave up.

It was a heartbreaking defeat on many levels this year, but it was also my final year as a Swansea student, and I am incredibly proud of all the sportsmen who took part in this fantastic day.

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