Another great year for Swansea University Badminton

Swansea University Badminton have had a successful year with a lot of victories.

At the start of the year, we lost two of our teams and had an increase in court fee prices. Considering this, we’re very proud that we were still able to pull in 80 members which meant our Bay social session was extremely successful. The social side were even able to pull two teams together to play an inter-campus match (Singleton v Bay). Bay were victorious but Singleton were only a couple of points behind, only losing 23-21 in the final game!

As well as a successful social year, our teams all did very well in their respective leagues and the conference cup. The Men’s 2nd team came 3rd in their league with the Men’s 1st team winning the same league, meaning they’ve been promoted. The Women’s 1st team came 2nd in their league, narrowly missing a promotion with a 5-3 loss.

However, the Women’s 1st team managed to redeem themselves in the conference cup by beating Bristol 6-2 in the final. As well as this the Men’s 1st team were also victorious in there final against Exeter. 

The teams also traveled to Sheffield to play in the BUCS Nationals, where Swansea Badminton had their most successful year yet. With Osmond reaching the round of 16 in the main draw and losing out to a top-seeded player and Jason and Meera reaching the same round in the main draw and losing narrowly once again. 

Moving on to this year’s varsity, our teams traveled down to Cardiff where the Men’s 1st team had there closest match yet and lost 5-3. The Women’s team also won the most amount of games in badminton varsity history where they lost 6-2. 

Finally, Badminton also had a very successful Charity event. After a day of tournaments and a raffle, we managed to raise £200 in aid of Shelter Cymru. This was a fun day open to any person who wanted to try their hand in a badminton tournament!

Overall Swansea Badminton have had an extremely successful year and we look forward to another triumphant year to come.

by Celine Conley


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