Reasons to Join a Society

Reasons to Join a Society

By Rachel Hart

“Should I join a society?”- The oh-so familiar question every fresher asks themselves upon arriving at University. You may have found yourself pondering whether to attend that taster session or log on to the Zoom social, so we’re here with a conclusive list of reasons as to why you should!


1) Develop a new skill or hobby

Here at Swansea, students are presented with a wide array of societies – so everyone is bound to find the right group for them! Due to the diverse range of activities available to you, it is highly recommended that you try something you may not have previously experienced. For example, Swansea Snowriders are an exceedingly welcoming and lively group who encourage those experienced in skiing and snowboarding alongside complete beginners to join. Their various range of events, socials and trips allow students to meet like minded peers as well as developing a new specialised skill. 


2) Meet new people

Although you will undoubtedly meet friends through living in halls or in your classes, joining a society is a fantastic way to meet those with whom you share common interests. Perhaps you intend to join a society simply for enjoyment, but you can also sign up for an academic society. This provides the perfect opportunity to network within a particular academic field, alongside meeting vital contacts for the future and gaining work experience.  


3) Enhance your university experience

We suggest that you attend socials as a way to live your University experience to the fullest. Society meetings provide the perfect escape from studying and allow you to balance your work life with your social life – which is particularly important to maintain positive mental health. Being in a society with consistent weekly meetings additionally allows students to maintain a structured schedule. 


4) Experience teamwork and leadership responsibilities

When you enter your second year at University, the opportunity is open to you to join a society’s committee. Committee positions include – but are not always limited to – President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Social Secretary. Each role carries different responsibilities which teach you valuable leadership skills. Working with a committee also increases your ability to work within a team. Such important abilities are essential to have when applying to jobs. Displaying your ability to lead a group of your peers allows you to stand out to potential employers.  


Although societies are undeniably working differently this academic year due to the ongoing pandemic, many groups continue to host an array of activities online. For example, the baking society holds weekly Zoom meetings in which members display their themed bakes and watch Bake Off together. Many sports teams including Rugby, Tennis and Netball have been continuing to hold trials and taster sessions whilst abiding to strict social distancing measures. So – despite such testing times – there are still multiple ways in which you can meet new people, develop a skill or hobby and get involved!


Photo by the Swansea University Aerial Sports Club


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