Live Review: The Amazons

11th February, Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach. I walk inside out of the cold night to be greeted by a small, intimate venue known for its legendary indie rock shows. I arrive an hour before the Amazons are due to perform, and treat myself to a pint of IPA – £9! Ridiculous really, Cardiff. Despite this early set back, I have high expectations for the night. The Amazons have been around since 2014, with their 2017 debut album propelling them into the spotlight, and NME, the independent, and BBC radio 1 naming them as a band to listen to in 2017. Now just 2 years later, The Waterfront are echoing the same ideas.

The Amazons are a dying breed of young artists. You truly love the music they are making, despite them not revelling in the same commercial success as other indie rockers who pedal out repetitive, depressing shit (The 1975). They produce great songs that need to been seen live to really experience them. When listening to their work you are often hit by a heavy bass, similar to peak Arctic Monkeys, or the mesmerising lyrics of fellow underrated rockers Sundara Karma. Your body is hit by their music from the first song to the last – it’s a full-on show.

Judging by the number and variety of people in the small venue, The Amazon’s popularity within Wales is high. Their upcoming album was written while staying in Three Cliffs bay last summer, and their leading man Matt Thomson was born in Wales. The band were clearly ecstatic to be in the capital, yelling mid-way through their set that this was the rowdiest Monday of their current tour. This atmosphere was amplified by the quick transitions between the first few songs, keeping the heavy bassline throughout, and having a dazzling array of lights pumping behind them.

The first couple of songs played were from their only album, fan favourites Ultraviolet and Little something. After the first 20 minutes the band moved onto songs from their upcoming album, including recently released single Mother, which was met with great appreciation from the eager crowd. As the night went on and the drinks were flowing, the crowd became increasingly rowdy, and lost their shit when Junk Food Forever came on – with a couple of over-appreciative fans hanging from the roof of the venue. As Monday nights go, this was one of the most entertaining I have ever had. If you are a fan of indie alternative rock and heavy mosh pits, The Amazons are a band I would wholeheartedly recommend.

by Alex McDougall


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