The Top 5 Indie Games of 2019

Available on PC/ MAC. Produced and written by Night School Studio, this vivid game relies on its electric storytelling. This game’s atmosphere is unusual and will leave you wanting more. You and your deceased friend will descend into the depths of hell, to drink with demons. Each decision in this game, has a meaningful impact on the plot. Your mission is to escape and ultimately defeat Satan himself (in a drinking contest.) What more could you want?

Developed by Glumberland for release in 2019 this game boasts: bright colours, vivid scenery and an adorable musical backdrop to die for. Ooblets is a farming simulator mixed with Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Harvest Moon. This game is beautifully designed and has a rich variety of different characters for players to meet. If you are into delightful and happy games, this is for you. Available on PC/ XBOX One in 2019.

Developed and Published by the amazingly named Matt Makes Games Inc, this pixelated single player adventure has you defeating inner demons. The plot revolves around a relevant and emotional story about the pressures of modern life. The graphical style is engaging, with the player having to execute precise button presses to jump across platforms. The soundtrack is atmospheric and the game play reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be the Boshy. It’s definitely worth the purchase, as it’s such an unusual play. Available now on all platforms in 2019.

Phoenix Point
Created by the makers of X-Com, Phoenix Point is a strategy based game with turn based squad level tactical combat. This fast paced and action packed game has realistic ballistics simulation, engaging boss battles and a world based strategy layer. You will explore a virus infested Earth, defending and defeating as you play the game. Available on PC/MAC/XBOX ONE in September.

Psychonauts 2
Created by Double Fine Productions, Psychonauts 2 sees you exploring the minds of others as a newly appointed Psychonaut. A sequel to the beloved Psychonauts, players can expect a wider range of psychic powers and intense story telling. This stunningly rich game has been directed by the legendary Tim Schafer and looks to be a much slicker version of the original, with improved graphics and musical score. Available on all platforms.

by Leah Slowinski


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