Here at Waterfront, we are determined to help promote all the different societies and events one can get involved in here at the university as well as in Swansea city. There is a wide range of cultural societies at Swansea. One of them is the Filipino Society. I had the opportunity to interview Andrae Fegalquin, the Social Secretary who gave me some insight on the society.

Q: What is the Filipino Society?

A: It is a society that was set up to gather all the students from the Philippines and create a community here at the university. Nevertheless, it welcomes students who are interested in Filipino culture, food or even those who do not know where the Philippines is.

Q: What events do you guys hold?

A: We have a wide range of events. These include games nights, Halloween parties, movie nights (with films from the Philippines and the world) as well as celebrations of Filipino holidays. The main goal of these events is to create an open space for interactions. We also hold events in collaboration with other cultural societies such as the Malaysian society and the Nepalese societies. Such events always make you feel at home as the events are relaxed and stress-free. We even have Tagalog lessons planned for those who want to learn our national language.

Q: What is your favourite Filipino dish?

A: There are so many! Anything with pork and vegetables really. Most dishes have different textures than the typical foods you find here. At most of our events, you would definitely get to taste all the dishes. I would definitely recommend Filipino food.

Q: What makes your society different?

A: I may be biased but I believe that we are so welcoming. Everyone always smiles and tries to incorporate everyone into all our events. It does not matter if you are from the Philippines or not, we would love to hang out with you.

Thi cultural society is such a brilliant group of people who are dedicated to sharing their culture with others. The short time I spent with them exposed me to new food, music and great people looking to make more friends here at university.

If you are interested in joining or attending the events check out their Facebook @Swansea University Filipino Society and Instagram


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