20/21 Waterfront Editorial Team

Hello, I am Bethan, the Editor in Chief this year and I have been involved on The Waterfront for the past year as a section editor. I am a third year English Literature and History student so writing really is my main hobby! My dream job is to work in editorial and publishing. My goals for this year are to increase the profile of The Waterfront and create a newspaper that really is for and by students. I want to produce content that is about real student issues and interests so please help us make a newspaper for you!

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the new Deputy Editor for the Waterfront. My job is more of a jack-of-all-trades role than the others on the team. I’m the Editor-in-Chief’s right-hand so anything that she can delegate will fall to me. That could be following up on writers as we near deadlines or it could be getting in touch with people who we think could feature in the paper. If you have any questions about being a contributing writer or photograph, I’m happy to answer any and all questions. Here’s to a fantastic year! (waterfrontdeputyeditor@swanseastudentmedia.com)

Heya, I’m Angie and I am also (surprise!) a third year English Literature student. As a proofreader I’ll be making sure that the lovely articles everyone submits are grammatically correct before they get sent off for publishing. I can’t wait to help people with their work and am excited to read the things everyone sends in to us!

I’m Brooke and I’m studying my third year in English Literature with Gender Studies. I’m going to also be proofreading for the paper and hopefully having more input in the university community. I’m so excited to be involved!

Hello! My name is Cora-Jane and I will be the Arts and Culture editor for another year! I am a third year History and Politics student. I hope this year will be filled with articles exploring all the events available in Swansea as well as glimpses at all of the diversity found on campus. Hope you are ready for a great year!

I’m Efan, and I’ll be covering sports news from around the University for the 2020/21 academic year. I’m a third year Media student with an interest in sports journalism. If you’re a student athlete with a story you’d like to share, feel free to get in touch with me about getting your voice heard in the paper!

I’m Bethan, 20, and I’m in my final year studying English Literature at Swansea University. I am taking up the role of Advice and Relationships as part of The Waterfront. As it’s my final year in uni, I want to write some pieces informing other students about worries and questions I had as a Fresher. I want to provide an opportunity for people to request advice and help regarding different themes, from joining societies and making friends to living on a student budget. Aside from this, I want to welcome people to write their own pieces if they feel that they have advice to offer about their own topics. I can’t wait to get started!

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m going into my third year studying English literature. My hobbies include photography, travelling and reading. As societies editor, I aim to promote smaller societies and create a column where committees can share their upcoming events and socials. I’m excited to cover taster sessions, meetings and events during freshers to help new students find a society suitable for them. I can’t wait to get started with Waterfront and share my ideas with you all!

I’m Sali, your Creative Writing Editor. I’m looking for work on a wide range of topics and subject matters, from a diverse and exciting group of talented writers. Let your creativity flow!

Hi, my name is Ashish Dwivedi, and I’m pursuing an M.Phil. in English Literature. I’ll be your “Literature/Non-fiction Writing” Editor this year. I’d be pleased to read book reviews, memoirs and biographies, interviews, opinion pieces, reflective writings, etc. Works by Nobel Laureates intrigue me, particularly; and I’d be personally looking forward to reading reflections about (1) Laureates themselves and (2) their works.

Hi! I’m Sophie, a PhD student researching machine learning techniques on social network data. I’m going to be the section editor for Science & Research this year, so will be highlighting global science news as well as research being performed here at the university. Outside of studying my interests are hiking, riding my horse, horror movies and, of course, writing!

Hi I’m Rhi a second year student studying media and communication. My hobbies include playing the alto and soprano saxophone. As the fashion editor I want to create a fun environment by experimenting and trying new things when it comes to fashion. I’d like to try styles that we’d normally avoid or see if we could shop solely at charity shops. If anyone wants to take part and write an article, email me at waterfrontfashion@swanseastudentmedia.com.

Hi! I’m Lucie, studying a masters in Communication, Media Practice and PR and the new editor of the Sustainability section. I hope to spread awareness of the most pressing environmental issues we are facing and inspire others to do their part in making the world a greener place. Aside from sustainability and writing, I love yoga, playing the ukulele and gaming. If anybody would like to get involved with the new sustainability section, let me know here on Instagram or by emailing me. I look forward to chatting to you about your article ideas!

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m in second year studying Economics. My hobbies include travelling, running and yoga. This year I will be the Wellbeing section editor, if anyone would like to get involved and write for this section email me at waterfrontwellbeing@swanseastudentmedia.com

Hey! I’m Cat, the new music editor and official photographer! I’m currently studying an MA in Communications, Media Practice and Public Relations. Music and photography have both been major hobbies in my life, alongside, gaming and design. I love attending festivals/concerts as often possible and I’m also a singer and guitarist in a band.
With my position as a music editor, one aspect of the music industry I want to highlight is how we can all support music venues, musicians, and other music-based institutions during this weird time of COVID-19. As for my photography position I want to take as many photographs of the limited events that are going ahead, to show as many of you as possible the ways in which you can enjoy your student life – even during a pandemic.
If you’re interested in writing for the music section, please let me know as I’d love to have as many contributing voices as possible!

Hey Everyone, I’m Jordan, the news and current events editor. I’m a third year creative writing and English literature MA student. In a world as rapidly changing as our is, this section is essential and I’m looking for passionate writers to bring alternative and exciting new viewpoints to this oversaturated space. If you’re interested in writing for the section, now or in the future, please email me at waterfrontnews@swanseastudentmedia.com

Hi! I’m Jade, the travel and study abroad editor. I am currently studying an MA in International Journalism. I did a year abroad in Bavaria as part of my undergraduate degree, so I am used to writing about my travels! If you have any ideas for articles, feel free to send them to me at waterfronttravel@swanseastudentmedia.com – I would love to hear about your own travel experiences, whether they are part of studying abroad, holidays, traveling within the UK or living in your own native countries! 💛

Hiya, I’m Sam, I’m 21, and I’m studying an MA in Digital Media. I’ve been at Swansea for four years and I’ve always loved the Waterfront. I’m really excited to work with everyone on the team and help keep the Waterfront as fantastic as it’s always been!

Hello! My name is Bethan and my pronouns are she/her and they/them. I’m in my second year here at Swansea and I’m studying History! I’m so excited to be one of the Liberation editors, we would like to focus on issues surrounding, feminism, LGBTQ+ and body/sex positivity. I’m also interested in politics, fashion and baking. If the Liberation section interests you and you would like to write a piece, please get in touch with us! 🙂

Hi! I’m Meg, I’m the new Arts & Design editor! I’m currently in my second year of my English Literature degree with Swansea. I love reading, writing & visiting art galleries when it’s safe to! If you’re interested in writing for the Arts & Design section at all, don’t hesitate to contact me at waterfrontdesign@swanseastudentmedia.com I’d love to chat to you about any of your ideas! 🙂

Hey I’m Cara, I identify as Non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I’m currently in my last year at Swansea and study population health and medical sciences. I’m very excited to be on the waterfront team as a co-editor for the liberation section and look forward to writing articles and exploring topics I am passionate about, such as LGBTQ+ liberation and positivity, fat acceptance/body positivity, and mental health and wellbeing. I also enjoy baking, painting and gaming, and I’m on the committee for the LGBTQ+ society and baking appreciation society. If you have any ideas for the Liberation section or would like to write an article don’t hesitate to contact us


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