How Societies are Adapting to Adhere to COVID-19 Restrictions

How Societies are Adapting to Adhere to COVID-19 Restrictions

By Rachel Hart

Societies are currently facing much adversity at the hands of the ongoing pandemic and have been working on adapting and overcoming the multiple barriers facing them. Here at Waterfront, we have spoken to a number of groups who have discovered ways to engage with their members in a safe way. 

As the month of October marked Black History Month, many societies planned ways in which they could celebrate without ignoring any COVID-19 regulations. In particular, the African Caribbean Society (ACS) hosted an array of virtual events including a quiz and a virtual debate night. Such events allowed both new and returning students alike to meet new friends, take a break from studying and celebrate Black History Month from a safe distance. The ACS committee reached out to inform us that their “Zoom events have had a good turnout and we try to make it as interesting as possible because we know that it is going to be this way for a while.” The committee will continue to “avoid a situation where lots of [them] will be in an enclosed space together” and look forward to planning more exciting online events in the near future. 

Prior to the newly imposed ‘circuit-breaker’, it was acceptable for groups of up to 30 people to meet in an outdoor setting providing social distancing measures are followed. Many societies partook in walks, picnics and beach trips. To ensure that the capacity of 30 students was not exceeded, societies took to releasing free tickets on Fatsoma and other similar providers. The Maths Society (SumSoc) are currently planning a beach social for when restrictions are eased, allowing  students to meet the new friends they have made over Zoom in person. The society have previously held a virtual quiz and games night to break the ice and engage with their new members. Furthermore, they hosted an online film night where students could relax at home and chat about the movie together. 

The Baking Society hold weekly meetings during which members watch The Great British Bake Off together and dedicate time to discussing the episode. Thus far, the group have created a ‘Fantasy Bake Off’ league where members predict the outcomes of the week’s episode. Those who find themselves at the top of the league when the series concludes will be awarded prizes. The committee “are working on writing a general knowledge quiz with a baking round as well as hosting a socially distanced picnic when restrictions allow [them] to do so.” 

The Swansea University Tree Society (S.U.T.S) are also overcoming difficulties by using virtual means to discuss future plans. Such plans currently include “several documentary/movie screenings (environmentally focused of course!) and maybe even a quiz night for charity.” The committee’s main aim for the year is to do their bit for the environment by planting trees and protecting the surrounding natural beauty. They remain positive that they “will still plant [their] first batch of 420 trees this planting season in November” and look forward to recruiting new members. 

Please visit the societies’ Instagram pages for more information on upcoming events and ways to get involved:







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