Finding the Perfect Student House

Finding the Perfect Student House

By Rhianydd Sword

Finding a student house for second year onwards is arguably an important part of university life. It can be important to decide which friends you want to live with and then look for that perfect house. This time last year I was in the exact position that some of you might be in, so I’ve collated some advice from myself and others on what to do and look out for. 

  1. Don’t rush. Whilst I would recommend looking for a house sooner rather than later, there’s always going to be houses that haven’t yet been filled and there doesn’t need to be a mad rush to sign onto a house as soon as possible.  I’ve been told that letting agents also release different houses at various times of the year so a house that isn’t on the market now may be later on. Don’t rush the process and make sure you’re doing what’s right for you. 
  2. Ask about bills. This piece of advice came from a friend who had a budget when signing a house which changed after she realised bills weren’t included in the price. Whilst some prefer to pay for bills themselves and others like to have them included in the cost of the house, it’s important to know whether bills are or aren’t included in an accommodation. This way you can truly see the cost of any accommodation without being in the dark about additional spends. 
  3. Look at different types of accommodation. You may prefer to live in private student accommodation rather than a house. These types of places are good to look at, especially if you’re looking for a place for just yourself because you can book individual rooms. Some people look to move into an accommodation where they can meet new people; if this is you, private student accommodation might be just what you’re looking for. These types of accommodation are a similar set up to university campus halls so you may choose to feel like you’re in familiar territory. Moreover, if there’s a few of you wanting to move in together but you prefer the sound of private student accommodation then this is still a possibility. Whilst you do book individually, you can request to be together and you’ll be put into the same flat. 
  4. Research thoroughly. Some students that I talked to wished they’d researched more thoroughly and asked for different students’ opinions. As well as looking at different accommodations, research which letting agents are shown to be the most helpful, and the recommended locations to live in. One way to research is to ask for some honest and unfiltered opinions. This can be done by asking those who live in student houses now or by researching on social media where there are plenty of forums that will recommend what to look for in any accommodation. 
  5. Plan ahead. If you’re planning on living in a house then it’s important to remember that each student has a different criteria list, and this is something that should be talked about before you start looking at different places. I’d recommend sitting down with the people that you’re planning to live with and coming up with a list of what you’re looking for in a house together. It might be that you all want the same thing but there also may be some things that you have to compromise on. 

Finding accommodation may seem like a daunting process but don’t forget to enjoy yourself as well. Whilst there is a lot to consider you’re also with your friends looking for a home for you all to relax in and that’s really exciting. Happy accommodation hunting and I hope that you find the best place for you!


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