Resurrecting the Media Society

Resurrecting the Media Society

By Mathurin Aron


Who are we and what do we do?


We are the Swansea University Media Society, a dying society aiming to rise again! Our main objective is to apply what we learn in our media course to our socials. We currently hold small socials every Friday evening; mostly online at the moment, however we intend to host larger outdoor socials when the pandemic alleviates. For example, beach campfires and collaborations with other societies. Previously, we have organised an online Halloween party with games including, and We are also planning to have one large event every month. Events can be booked on our Facebook page (Swansea Uni Media Society 2020/21).


What are our interests and favourite aspects of the media?


As a committee, we each enjoy different aspects of the media such as movies, TV series, books, music and social media. For example, I am a massive nerd in terms of media franchise, watching new episodes of The Mandalorian every Friday. Our second social secretary Olivia likes films by Tim Burton, such as Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.


What are our social media handles?


As a society, we understand the importance of the media nowadays and try to highlight it through social media posts. We have a brand new Instagram account (@swanseaunimediasoc) and every week, we share the committee’s favourite book, movie, TV series and song of the moment. We also follow media organisations to keep up to date. Follow us on all our platforms for all updates on our events!




We are currently seeking sponsorships to help us grow as a society. If anyone knows of any which may be useful to us, please contact me ( and / or our social secretary Olivia Robson (



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