Earth Hour 2021/Sustainable Student Living

This Saturday (27th March), we lit our candles, turned off our lights, and joined the world in darkness to support the WWF Earth Hour. 


Originally launched in Sydney by the WWF and partners back in 2007, the environmental grassroot movement has now become the largest of its kind. Annually – on the last Saturday of March – countries all over the globe participate in this symbolic lights-out event to show support for our planet, increase awareness for climate change and spark a global conversation. Last year, more than 180 countries took part, reminding us that little things can make a huge difference!


2021 marks the beginning of a significant decade for environmental action. This year, the WWF are asking you to get involved, get creative and get thinking so that you can help protect our planet. So, we thought we would share our tips on how you can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle on a student budget!


    1. INVEST IN A REUSABLE COFFEE CUP. Perhaps the most obvious tip, but one of the most important, especially if you’re coffee addicts like us! Not only will this help reduce your waste, but will save you money in the long-term as many coffee shops now give discounts for bringing your own cup… a WIN-WIN situation! Plus, there are so many different styles out there; you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
    2. BUY BAMBOO CUTLERY. We all get those days when we just don’t feel like cooking and fancy a cheeky little takeaway from Fulton House, but then have to use disposable plastic cutlery that ALWAYS BREAK! Usually around £5, bamboo cutlery is a great inexpensive sustainable alternative that you can keep in your bag for all occasions and enjoy your food guilt-free. 
    3. Speaking of food, why not try GOING VEGAN? Switching to a plant-based diet is one of the best ways to shrink your carbon footprint and is rapidly growing in popularity. However, if this is a little on the extreme side for you, why not add Meatless Mondays into your calendar and see how you get on? You never know, it could turn into a meatless month!
    4. SHOP ZERO WASTE. From shampoo bars, refillable hand wash bottles and even toilet paper, shopping in zero waste shops such as our very own Root Zero is an amazing way to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and break up with plastic packaging. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than a trip to fill up your glass jars.
    5. GET ON YOUR BIKE! If you’ve lived in Swansea for any period of time, you are bound to have seen the iconic red Santander bikes. Singleton, Bay Campus, Civic Centre and even the Mumbles, these bikes are everywhere and the perfect carbon-free way to explore Swansea and get that daily cardio in. Remember to keep an eye out on your emails as the University advertises offers for these from time to time and we ALL love a good bargain! 


Of course, there are plenty of other ways you can live more sustainably, but we believe these are the easiest and cheapest to implement into our busy student lives. We hope our tips help you unleash your inner Greta Thunberg, and remember, little things can make a BIG difference! 




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