I Think God Made A Mistake

The bags under our eyes carry darkness;

Unhuman hands stretch them open like curtains,

But if we blink like shutters of a camera

Are we asleep or awake?

Humanity was a transcendent age,

Pricked from pages perfumed with ink and apples.

We rise and fall like the Persian empire, with Earth

As our mother, birthing a brittle dynasty.

The world bloomed in God’s womb,

A collection of stars, molten and cooled as coins

Descending from Heaven–his forgotten infinity.

We slipped into shame like a woman wearing lingerie

For the first time; we were magnetic, valued until the veil fell.

God’s filthy fingers flicked through the pages of another book.

We are each born with eyes but why do we walk blindfolded?

As if the world is foul waste, we throw ourselves into.

We are vultures pecking and pecking away at the remains of past and

Future generations; forever full, yet still famished.


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