Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Every day should be Earth Day:


Well, that’s my opinion anyway, and it baffles me that anyone could think any different! 


The good news is that we are beginning to wake up and focus more upon the preservation of our planet. The bad news, however, is that we are just being too slow, and we know it. Frustration and anxiety begin to kick in when you dig deeper into all of the data and see the potential trajectory of where we are heading if we continue on with our consumerist lifestyles. The projections appear bleak, but we are actually in a unique position right now as we can stop ourselves before we head over a crucial tipping point and are no longer able to return to stability.  


A change in behaviour and mindset is necessary, alongside a pinch of positivity and a goal in mind. Only then can we – as one human race – develop the potential to achieve anything that we set our minds to. Why can’t we live in harmony with this planet? Why must we destroy in order to advance? Why do we choose greed and power over sustainability and equality for all? If we have learnt anything over the past year in lockdown, it’s that we don’t need half of the products on sale in order to live. In reality, we simply need energy to survive and human contact to thrive. We have the power to shut everything down and start anew, so let’s pressure the powers to finally listen to the scientists and take a step closer towards achieving a more fruitful life. One can dream, right?


In the meantime – if you haven’t already – why not start by making small adjustments to your routine: buy as much local produce and products as possible, use your own energy to get from A to B (rather than a carbon alternative if you can), and turn the heating down. If you really want to make a difference and challenge yourself, how about cutting out animal products from your life? The caveman days are long behind us and there is absolutely no reason to continue harming our planet and sentient beings just for our taste buds and preferences, we know better than this now… Surely?


Become consciously aware of how you spend your money and time and I guarantee that – if you continue to make positive choices – we will all reap the benefits of your actions over time. Keep it simple, keep it smart, and always think, “is this the right thing to do?”


Now then, go and enjoy the sounds of “Mother Earth” by Paul Izak whilst you sit and contemplate how beautiful life is and why and how you should be protecting our home.  


Much peace and love to you all,

JL and the Tree Society.


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