D.I.Y. High -Waisted Shorts

By Shona Johnson

If you’re like me, denim shorts are acceptable for any season. Whether worn over thick wooly tights in the colder months, or rocked on bare legs with a crop top in the summer – I love them.

Though, sometimes if you want a pair of high-quality ones you have to fork out a fair chunk of your money – which just isn’t ideal for a student income. However, do not fear! I will show you how to turn your old crappy pair of jeans into some sassy high-waisted, curve-hugging shorts!

What you will need:

A pair of old jeans

Non-permanent marker pen


Optional: Embellishments

1. Put the jeans on and mark where you want to cut them in the crotch area and on the back. It is best to mark them a little longer than you want to cut them because after you wash them, they will shrink up a little and get shorter – unless you are a fan of showing a bit of cheeky buttcheek, which is also fine! I usually cut mine an inch and a half from the crotch, and make the mark about half an inch below my butt.

2. Take your jeans off and start cutting the first leg. Start cutting from the crotch mark and cut the shorts at a diagonal angle (mark the entire shorts with the marker if you don’t have a still hand), coming up slightly as you get to the pocket (this makes more sense later on). Make sure you cut below the mark you made on the back of the jeans, or you may experience unsolicited buttcheek.

3. Fold the cut jean leg over the uncut one, and use it as a guide so that your shorts are as symmetrical as possible.

4. Take your scissors and glide the blade along the cut edges of your shorts, this will fray them slightly and look less freshly-cut.

5. Stick the shorts in the washing machine, or hand wash them then dry them. This will get any marker off still left on, and will help the cut edges of the shorts curl over making them look neater.

6. Put the shorts on and see how they fit, make sure that when you put them on that you pull the waistband over your hips, so that the shorts legs even up (remember, they’ve been cut at a slight angle) whilst giving you the high-waisted effect. Add beads and embellishments for a more decorated look.

7. Voila! Now that you’re finished, hit the town in your sassy new shorts and shake what your mama gave you!