Winter Wet Weather Woes

By Enfys Walker

When I got up on Wednesday I was brimming with enthusiasm; I’d made my new years resolutions (and broken a couple). This year was the year to surpass all others, the year I finally sorted my life out. I had my revision books sorted, my day planned to the minute, not looking too bad either if I do say myself, ready to face the all consuming horrors that are January exams. But when I was walking through Singleton Park imperturbed by the ever-present sheets of rain, I discovered that yet again all the bloody paths had flooded. Now in hindsight walking through the mud to avoid these minature moats was perhaps not the smartest idea and five minutes later I was in the library with now brown trainers and soaking socks. Later as I watched my shoes slowly return to their natural shade of blue(studying with cold feet is not pleasant I’d realised) I decided I needed a new set of resolutions, first to write an extremely passive aggressive email about the lack of  drainage (its not that hard guys) and secondly to get some weather proof footwear for the wettest months of the year. So here are my tips on finding shoes tht look nice, and keep your feet warm.- Beauty isn’t pain people.

1) Get some Wellies-  We live in Wales, there is really no excuse and you can finally do all the puddle splashing you desire. Wellies aren’t a fashion faux pas they’re a neccesity you can get some really cute ones online, Amazon and wellywarehouse both do gorgeous ones for a student budget, and if the weather ever improves and god forbid netflix crashes we can always organise a quick welly wanging tournament for an extremely hyper predrinks.

2) High Heeled boots- and all this time we thought they were impractical. Boots are the perfect winter wears, they’re comfy, stylish, keep your feet dry and adding that extra inch means you’re feet are well above the water line. Just make sure they’ve got the grip so you don’t trip up in the first inevitable hail. You can get gorgeous cruelty free boots from sites like Willis, vegetarian-shoes or even fall back on a pair of Doctor Martens if you’re feeling Punk.

3) Waxing time- And if you’re low on money get some waterproof wax to give life back to an older pair of shoes, you save money, you get dry feet, and your shoes look amazing. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a very sarcastic email to write.