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Shannon and Faye are Waterfront’s very own agony aunts and matchmakers.
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Hi Shannon and Faye, I’ve been seeing this guy seriously for a couple of months and he has asked me to go on the pill as he prefers sex without condoms, do you guys think this is a good idea?

Liz, First Year

Before you go out and do anything make sure that you yourself are comfortable with that decision. If you want to go on the pill for yourself great, but don’t do it to please the guy. There are many contraceptives available, other than just the pill, so do your research and figure out which would be best for you. When you’re ready, go speak to a nurse at the University Health Centre, found at the bottom of Penmaen residence on Singleton Campus. Make sure they’re aware that you’ve done your research, as sometimes they can make suggestions you might not be comfortable with. Stick to your guns girl, and good luck. Now as for the guy, he needs to chill and stop pressuring you. Your body, your choice! If you both want to have sex without a condom, then go get yourselves checked out ‘cause a pill isn’t going to protect you from an STI.

Hi girls, I’ve started dating a friend of a friend. Things have been going OK so far, but I feel he may be a little more into it than I am. I only want something casual. Do you have any advice on how to handle both the guy, and my other friend?

Harriet, Third Year

Now that sounds like a shit storm. Keen guys are the worst! Firstly, in terms of handling the guy, lay all your cards out on the table that way he can’t moan or go off on one when it finally comes to an end. As long as you’re open about it then he can’t hold anything against you. To keep it casual, avoid personal conversations, and make sure it’s all about sex. No intimacy necessary. Now for the friend, she’ll either love you or hate you. Much like with the guy, as long as you’re open and don’t let it get in the way of your friendship, then things should be good. Depending on how close you guys actually are, all should be well with you…heck, she might even support your casual fling. The only worry might be about a change in the friendship between the guy and your friend. Seeing and hearing about him in another light might be a little strange to adjust to. Especially hearing about his schlong.

While very knowledgeable, Shannon and Faye are not qualified to give out expert advice. Waterfront suggests that you take their advice with a pinch of salt and use the Students’ Union’s support services for serious guidance.


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