blind date: Emily & Alex

Emily (21), a fourth year American Studies student and Alex (21), a third year Ancient History student, met for a free drink in JCs. Here’s what they had to say afterwards.

What’s your favourite feature of a guy/girl? And did they have it?

E: Intelligence, yes

A: Someone who can hold a good and intelligent conversation, yes definitely.

Were you attracted to the person?

E: He’s not really my type but beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A: Yes.

What did you think of their choice of drink?

E: He had a Strongbow and as I’m from the West Country and a big fan of good cider I wasn’t that impressed with the Strongbow.

A: Sauvignon blanc, very classy.

How long did the date last? Did you want it to last longer or end sooner?

E: I think it lasted about 5 hours, was kind of tired so could have done with an early night but otherwise was all good

A: A few hours, no I thought it lasted the perfect amount of time to get to know someone new.

Did you kiss? Or was there any potential for a kiss…or more?

E: No

A: No, maybe.

Out of ten, how would you rate the date?

E: 6.5

A: 8

Any chance of seeing each other again?

E: Probably not

A: Hopefully maybe

Were there any turnoffs?

E: His choice of drink

A: No not at all, but they haven’t read the hobbit but I can probably forgive them for that.

We send our blind date couples to JC’s bar and coffee shop, which serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, speciality coffees, pub meals, panini and homemade cakes.

All of our blind date couples receive a complimentary drink courtesy of JC’s.

If you would like to take part in a blind date, please contact Shannon and Faye on


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