Pixies at The Motorpoint: An undeniably indie affair

The Pixies shouldn’t be seen as little creatures with wings, rather, a formidable indie rock band who essentially define the kind of garage rock band that so many of us aspired to be part of. Having released their latest album in late September, they return to the UK for the European leg of their tour, with Harry Ballmann going to see what they’re up to…

Slurring guitars with edgy riffs, concise drumming with an equal mix of poetic melody. Quite the melee. If anything, they bridge the gap between the pond, managing to capture the ever so familiar bar chords of the American-rock scene, with the melancholic British drone you’re likely to hear from Bowie and Morrissey. Their quality is unquestionable, but it is certainly an acquired taste. Their latest album brings all their qualities together, some 30 years after their formation. It demonstrates decades of experience, a well-established sound resonating a semi-angsty yet playful grunge rock.

Their experience is certainly likely to come across this Wednesday in Cardiff, with levels of anticipation running high amongst the band and the fans.  As usual, they are one of the many bands of late who are strongly against touting, wishing to reiterate the importance of purchasing tickets from first-hand suppliers. Indeed, the gig will be a showcase of the juxtaposition between young and old; after 30 years, Pixies aren’t a band which will fail to resonate energy on stage akin to a band 20 years their junior. With a powerful discography, they won’t be short of ballad-blasting, semi-grunge post 90s hits leaving us with an ever-growing sense of 90s nostalgia.




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