Review & interview: Vant @ Hoyfest

By Alex Evans

VANT headlined Hoyfest at the Gates Art centre in Cardiff, on Saturday 19th November and brought their trademark energy to their show.

VANT are a four piece British indie/garage rock band that formed in 2014. Since then they have released ten songs, each with a strong message. They self-describe as one of the most political bands in the UK and this is evident in their performances and songs.

The enjoyable show was boosted by a small but enthusiastic crowd, Due to it being a festival setup, many were experiencing VANT for the first time, but it went down well. VANT’s infectious lyrics helped get the crowd singing, even if they didn’t know the words. Frontman Matty Vant’s inherent dynamism also helped, at one point bringing his guitar off stage during ‘Parking Lot’ and joining the audience. The crowd loved this, even if security didn’t.

Unfortunately, having to travel back to Swansea meant missing the end of the set, however, I did get the opportunity to speak to the band before the show. You can find that interview below.

Alex Evans speaks to Vant @ Hoyfest 2016


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