By Zoe Stabler

All of the performing arts societies collaborated together for a performance of the much loved ‘Cinderella’ performed in February in the Taliesin. The play was put on in a gloriously cheesy musical fashion and brought together the arts of singing, dancing and, of course, acting.

I had the chance to sit down with Charlotte West, our beloved Societies and Activities Co-ordinator as well as the Queen in this performance…

As we all know, you played the Queen. How did you get into character for rehearsals? We know one of her (many) names was in fact Charlotte but was this enough to actually be the Queen? A few cups of English Breakfast? Maybe a cuddle with some Corgis?

I started off getting into character by just putting on a posh accent, but really what brought it all together was when I got my costume. I was so lucky that the Dylan Thomas Theatre just happened to have the absolute perfect dress that fitted me so well and made me feel like a real Queen! After I put it on, it was easy to slip into my regal character.

This performance was a collaboration between several societies. Which societies got involved, and do they do this often?

People from all sorts of different Societies got involved – Dance, Shoreline, Choral, Musicians – it was really great to see them collaborating. Funnily enough, Show Choir, Choral and Musicians are working together on a Performing Arts Showcase in the Great Hall on the 25th March – you should check that out too!

You’re usually the Societies and Activities Coordinator, overlooking and assisting in the events societies put on. What made you decide to get even more involved this time and actually be in a performance?

I wasn’t going to audition because I loved watching Sweeney Todd so much last year I thought I would just want to watch it again, but Chris Wilson and Will Windridge both persuaded me and I’m so glad they did because I’ve had the most wonderful time!

Did anyone’s character truly highlight their personality? Who, and why?

Yes. Ulysses Jones. He played my husband, the King, and the character suited him perfectly. It was a really loud and funny character, it really captured his personality.

If students want to get involved next time, how do they go about it?

All they need to do is join a Performing Arts Society and audition! I would definitely recommend it, it was so much fun.

Any backstage (or on stage) hiccoughs that we might like to hear about?

No, to be honest it all went really smoothly I thought! I suppose apart from the time a clock fell on my head…

And of course, would you do it again?

I would 100% do it again. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in this job!

A well deserved shout out also to everyone who wasn’t on stage but played an integral part in the production, and were every bit as wonderful as the cast.


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