What Does Varsity Mean To Our Clubs?

Varsity is a day dedicated to celebrating sport at Swansea University, by being a student here you become part of the Green and White Army. An army that is dedicated, passionate and loyal to Swansea.

It’s the highlight of the sporting calendar for student athletes, coaches and sports fans. You don’t have to step onto the court or pitch to feel the emotion and be a part of the Welsh Varsity.

Our sports clubs revel in the challenge against Cardiff, each aiming to take the win on the day. Preparation begin at the beginning of each academic year, all our committee members do what they do for their clubs with Varsity in mind. It’s at the forefront of every decision, fitness session and training session.

‘Varsity is an opportunity. A chance to showcase our talent and our sport to the Swansea faithful, a chance to grow, and most importantly; a chance to keep our noisy neighbours quiet’ claims Volleyball captain Raphel Rososchansky.

Aimee Pink, Women’s Hockey Club Captain, explains ‘Varsity to me is all about the build-up as well of the day. The extra training and commitment as a team and then going out on pitch together is just really special. You end up spending everyday together as a squad and when the big day comes you’re closer than ever.’

Last year Swansea had the final say on the day. The Men’s Rugby beat the rivals at the Liberty with a convincing performance and took the trophy home with pride. Can we do it again this year?


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