Eight Reasons Why Swansea is Better than Cardiff

Eight Reasons Swansea is Better than Cardiff

Cardiff and Swansea. Ospreys and Scarlets. Kilvey and Hygiene. All big rivalries, however there is no doubt in our minds that Swansea is vastly superior, but SOME PEOPLE in Cardiff just don’t get it.

With Varsity literally days away and some of the games already having been played, we decided to outline just a few of the reasons why Swansea is better in every way by replying to our… erm… Friends across the Valleys.

  1. The City

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We didn’t get the title “pretty shitty city” for no reason. From Mumbles to Townhill, Costa del Swan exemplifies quality, chill vibes. We also have Meridian Tower, the Liberty and the legendary, inspirational, hub of creative energy that is Wind Street. No where else in Wales can you go from incredible nightlife to gorgeous beachfront in literal seconds. Keep dreaming Cardiff, maybe one day.

  1. Education

Just going to leave this here…


Come back to us when your University spends more money than sense coating your campus in those badboys. That, combined with the fact that Cardiff still being Russell after taking more of a tumble than post-Brexit Pound is one of the wonders of the world. It’s almost like they’re that awkward person at the party nobody wants there but still shows up but you don’t want to ask them to leave just in case they end up crying.

  1. The Universities’ Buildings

#SwanseaGrad What a week for our graduates at Bay Campus 👏🏼🎉🎓☀️Congratulations to everyone! ❤️

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Alright, for this section we’re going to ignore HSV and Kilvey exist for obvious reasons. The Abbey: Perfection, Vivian Tower: A beacon of light, Bay Campus: Port Talbot’s only redeeming quality. Meanwhile in Cardiff, they have an SU that is literally an old train station and The Taff, JCs neglected cousin. I’d rather have Fulton and the DigiTech over First Great Western’s bypass, complete with the itching feeling it could all collapse overnight, just like my job prospects.

  1. The SU Nights

They went too far, they’ve neglected Tooters. Two drinks for two pounds, can’t ask for more. Personally, I’m insulted someone would mention SU nightlife in the UK let alone just our Varsity and have the audacity to neglect the personification of a solid student night that is the Tooters experience.

  1. Cathays Vs. Uplands and Brynmill, you better believe it

“It’s a mystery where Swansea students reside”. Mate, it’s a mystery where your geography skills reside, are you sure you don’t go to TSD?

Noahs yard knows

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Brynmill; the home of pretty much every sports team’s house in Swansea University. Bryn Road on a Wednesday is a mini Wind Street all on its own. Uplands on the other hand is home to some of the greatest assets of Swansea. From cuisine available in every flavour to smaller more niche things like Noah’s Yard where you can go be a hipster for a small while. Don’t ever doubt Swansea’s student residence, Ms. Rifat.

  1. Sporting Prowess

I started reading this bit on the other article and just…


For real though… Pretty sure we won the biggest event going, don’t try being cocky now.

    1. FUN? Fun.

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Doctor Who? Check. Free food? Almost certainly check, #WasteFreeWednesdays. From our 120 Societies and over 50 sports clubs complete with an entire sports village and Olympic-sized swimming pool, we’re just superior when it comes to things to do. Bored? Head into town and go to theVRzone; chill on campus; check the Union website and see if there’s any events on you want to do. Even the PM wants more to do with us than Cardiff.

  1. And last but not least…

Our meme game. This is the 21st Century people, memes are literal currency to some people, they’re important business. Swanmeme, what a page. Spawning absolute sensational bangers like those listed below, meanwhile Cardiff are stuck insulting their Met. C’mon guys, Met memes are very much last year…




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